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Easter Chocolate That’s Good For You!

I’m devoting a whole post chocolate and chocolate drinks because we are coming up to Easter! You might be addicted to chocolate, but you can have Easter chocolate that’s actually good for you…YAY!!!!

Coco Polo chocolate is one of the few chocolates that I can eat in good conscience because it’s completely sugar-free. For most of us, a little sugar is fine, but if you can eat your chocolate without it, even better!

Even most of the darkest chocolates contain sugar. They have to, or they would be unspeakably bitter. Coco Polo, however, uses Stevia and Erythritol to sweeten their bars, and the joy is that you cannot taste that it’s stevia at all! Typically I don’t like foods or drinks sweetened with stevia because there can be a strange aftertaste, however, it’s quite the opposite with Coco Polo – even their dark chocolate tastes exquisitely creamy and rich. You know how many chocolates with a 70% cacao content taste slightly bitter, even with added sugar? Their 70% cacao bars taste smooth, and the texture is silky.  Their “Dark Almond” and “Dark Cacao Nibs” are a family favorite – or should I say, addiction!

Another favorite brand is Lily’s Sweets dark chocolate bars. They are sweetened with a little Stevia and a little Erythritol. I have to say their dark chocolate crispy rice bar is just about my favorite chocolate bar ever. I always keep one in my fridge, and indulge in a couple of squares after dinner. The smooth, velvety chocolate melts in my mouth leaving the crunchy rice nuggets – WOW!!!!

I have had a really good look around for sugar-free chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies, but I don’t like the ingredients of any of the ones I found (LMK if you have any luck), so you might want to give a little one one of the above bars along with a little Needle Felted Bunny (I fell in love with these!)

Remember, Dark Chocolate can be really good for you – it can actually help you live longer!

Oh, and just in case you are a hot chocolate-lover, here’s another product that you might like to check out: Beauty Food is a Hot Chocolate style drink that is actually a beauty drink! It’s unbelievably delicious. You simply add hot milk (I add warm almond milk,) and cozy down in your chair with a good book. My favorite flavors are the Chocolate Bliss & Vanilla Dream. They come in Luxury boxes, which makes for a beautiful gift. They all contain a calming blend of herbs and collagen peptides for your skin. They do contain a little sugar (just 5 grams), which if you compare to the 35 grams in a Starbucks Vanilla latte, it’s not much. (Did you know that a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte contains a whopping 47 grams of sugar.)  I’m telling you, you are soooo much better off with these delicious Beauty Drinks.

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