Intellipure Air Purifier

Intellipure Air Purifier

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So, I was on the lookout for the best air purifier I could possibly find on the market because my old one finally packed in. Incidentally, my old one was, when I purchased it about 10 years ago, a great (and very expensive) model, however it TOTALLY paled in comparison to my Intellipure. And you only know this when you have one that actually completely changes the air in your home.

Why I need an air-purifier! I have 3 dogs who are constantly shedding, and honestly making my home not smell a bit funky. I love my fur babies, but not their smells! I also don’t have the most efficient ventilation system in my home, so if something burns in the oven, I smell it in my bedroom – oooof. I also live in a big dirty city (aren’t all cities dirty), so I’m paranoid about good indoor air quality. And finally, I am hyper aware of all the invisible indoor pollutants that we ALL have in our homes. These include all kinds of fumes, off-gassing, and particulate matter, which typically makes our indoor air quality 7-10 times worse than outdoor air quality.

Respiratory conditions and allergies are a big deal for so many people I know. When there’s a lot of pollen in the air, my husband and I used to wake up with stuffy noses (not anymore!). I also figured that allergy-free air might help a lot with my husband’s snoring!!!!

So, as I was doing my research, a great friend of mine, whose recommendations are always stellar, recommended the Intellipure system. I checked it out,  and after the initial sticker shock, researched further. I was hugely impressed, took the plunge, and couldn’t be happier with my investment.

Why is it better than other models? It’s a medical grade cleaning system, which removes all the pesky volatile organic compounds that degrade our indoor air quality so significantly. These chemicals come from cleaning products, pesticides, off-gassing glue, carpets, furniture etc). This cocktail of chemicals can contribute to asthma, headaches, nausea, irritated mucus membranes and more.

intellipure air purifierThe Intellipure Ultrafine 468 is the only air cleaner on the market proven to capture even the smallest particles, ultra-fine particles, which are linked to major health concerns including stroke, cancer and dementia.

I also love that it’s handcrafted, made in America and that each Intellipure system is individually certified before leaving the manufacturing facility to ensure that each system is performing at better than HEPA standards. Yes, it IS better than a HEPA filter, which is typically considered to be the gold standard in air filters.

And finally, it is extremely quiet and operates on less than 5 watts of electricity on lower speed settings. It comes in black and white. I have the white for my bedroom, and now I’m saving up for a black one for my living room.

So, I love mine, and wanted to review it because I get the odd question about air and water filters, and so rarely review them. So, hope this reaches you if you are suffering from a less-than-dreamy night’s sleep.


Update: Here is a testimonial from a lady who purchased an Intellipure:

Purchased my 468 system in August and let’s just say quality ?? over quantity ?without a doubt. I went from 3 hours of nightly sleep ? to 7 hours and longer on some night. Not sponsored or paid for this recommendation I could cry ? right now.. I never want to leave my bedroom . Take it from a chronic allergy sufferer and asthma which I no longer suffer from as of a week ago . Thank you intellipure for making a American made product that is the epitome of perfection in the air purifiers world ? customer service 10 user friendliness 10 noise control 10 size 10 I could go on 10/10/10?????????? thank you ? @sophieuliano and livelovefruit ?

Oh – and btw, you can get 10% off the price of the unit if you use the coupon code SOPHIE10