Tom’s Of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive

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Thank Goodness for Tom’s Of Maine Rapid Relief Sensitive toothpaste. I have to admit that I have been experiencing quite a lot of sensitivity recently. As we get older, our gums do tend to recede a bit-ever heart of the expression, “long in the tooth”??? And this recession, however tiny, and cause even more sensitivity. My dentist recommended a toothpaste full of chemicals, which was going to set me back seventy bucks!! So, I politely declined and went straight to Tom’s Of Maine to see if they had anything that would help. And bingo, they did.

I’ve been using this toothpaste for the past 6 weeks and it’s really helped. It also leaves me with a really fresh minty mouth too. So, I’m sold. I use it in combo with my favorite Tom’s Of Maine Antiplaque floss and I’m set. Btw, this floss is the best on the market. When I run out I’m in trouble. No other floss does the job of being the right thickness to remove all the gunk. Plus it never shreds, which is my pet peeve with other brands. Tom’s, listen up…NEVER stop making your floss!