Vintage DIY Vitamin C Serum Recipe

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A note from 2019 – OH MY GOSH! My hair! My shirt! The lighting! Guys, this is clearly a vintage DIY video, from the vaults of my YouTube account. But, Farrah Fawcett tribute aside, I still love this DIY! It’s simple, it’s effective and it saves you money! So, ignore the retro, and enjoy this DIY! 

Today I’m sharing my UPDATED (circa 2013) DIY Vitamin C Serum recipe. Now, if you know my videos, you know that Vitamin C is critical to any anti-aging skincare regimen. If you’re over 30, and not using a Vitamin C, you must be dying for wrinkles and sunspots (JK, but seriously you need this DIY). This recipe could not be easier to make, just scroll down to find all the ingredients and steps!

1/4 tsp L-Ascorbic Acid ( 
4 tsp of distilled water
2 tsp aloe vera gel


  1. Whisk all ingredients together
  2. Using a funnel, pour your serum into your preferred container
  3. Enjoy!

REMEMBER: The fresher, the better!! Only make small batches at a time!

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