Red Light Therapy

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Today, I’m talking about red light therapy and some of the different devices and products available. I have two devices in my home: A red light therapy device called a Joovv and an infrared sauna. In this video, I’ll talk to you about the benefits of both devices, when and how to use them, and what you can expect in terms of results!

Here’s why I love my JOOVV:
– Joovv is one of the few devices that emit strong enough rays that you only need a 10-12 minute session to get results.
– My mini is about the size of my MacBook Pro. It stands on my desk on its sturdy stand.
– I switch it on for 12 minutes a day and allow the rays to get to my facial skin, my thyroid, and my décolleté. I pull it close (6 inches away from me), close my eyes (you don’t need goggles), and use this time to meditate. It’s brilliant because you can’t read or look at a computer, so may as well meditate, right?
– I find my sessions to be soothing and relaxing.
– I love the fact that it’s doing triple-duty: helping my thyroid, healing pulled and tight muscles, and making my skin look young and gorgeous!

To get your Joovv – follow this link //

Now, I’ve done a whole YouTube video about my infrared sauna by Whole Body Wellness Concepts, you can watch it here // Infrared heat works from the inside out to produce a multitude of anti-aging and cardiovascular health benefits. From strengthening your immune system to improving blood circulation to stimulating endorphins to lower lactic acid and relaxing muscles to relieving stress, even burning calories, infrared heat has been proven to be a MAJOR health booster. I love this all-cedar, at-home sauna because it’s a 3/4 system, meaning that your upper body is exposed, allowing you to read, relax, and reduce over-exertion.

So here’s the deal: The retail price of an at-home sauna is $2.495.00 including shipping but I’ve negotiated a very special private price for all of you. To take advantage of this special offer email or call 844-MY-WELLNESS (or 714-543-1500). Tell them that Sophie Uliano sent you!

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