Sunshine Botanicals

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I came across Sunshine Botanicals about 3 years ago. A little-known skincare company based in Atlanta, GA, with a very special formulator at the helm. Emily Frichey is known locally as  “the skin whisperer”, because she has helped so many clients to reverse signs of inflammation in their skin, stave off signs of premature aging, and help women to adopt a healthy/holistic skin care regimen. Having had numerous conversations with Emily, I decided to include much of her sage advice in my last book, Gorgeous For Good. This lady has her formulator’s head firmly screwed on, and has created a small, but impressive line of skin care that I know you will love.

Here’s a really interesting blog article from Emily – an informative read!


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Here are my stand-out Sunshine Botanicals products:


Pumpkin Power Peel System

I have been going on about this for years because it is honestly one of the most unique and comprehensive natural peels on the market. You are basically paying under a hundred bucks for at least 10 peels, which frankly are more potent that most of the peels that you would find at the day spa, not to mention less toxic. If you have tired, lackluster skin, and/or sun damage, I highly recommend this kit. It contains a pre-peel cleanser, the peel, a post peel serum, and an application brush.


2 -Step Cleanse

Emily says the most important part of any skin care regime is to cleanse properly. She thinks it’s the missing link in almost everyone’s regime.

Here’s how you do it:


Start with the Pre-cleanse and Detox (see below). Use a quarter sized dollop. Massage it onto dry skin for a full MINUTE. It will begin to dissolve the dry sebum in your pores. This is a vital step for those who want to deal with black heads and large pores.


You choose a cleanser for your particular skin type, which I’ve laid out below


Pre-Cleanse and Detox

This is one of the best cleansers on the market. Emily has taught me so much about cleansing, and the need for a pre-cleanse before your actual cleanse. This product literally melts away makeup and dirt. It has a mild, minty scent, and leaves your skin feeling dewy and soft.


Skin Brightening Bar – For pigmented and sun damaged skin

I would use this in conjunction with the pre-cleanse (above). It is the PERFECT combo. This brightening bar is more like a block of brightening gel cleanser in solid form. It will remove any of what’s left behind from your pre-cleanse, but will also help to brighten you skin. You can keep in it the shower in its container, and it lasts for months and months.


Cleanse & Calm for all skin types including eczema, rosacea, and/or inflamed skin

If you have sensitive, inflamed or Rosacea-prone skin, this gentle, calming cleanser is all you need to remove your makeup and the grime of the day. It’s actually a good all around cleanser for all skin types too.


Cleanse & Purify Nourishing Algae Cleanser for all skin types

This is such an amazing cleanser because it not only purifies your skin, but it delivers a wallop of minerals and soothing nutrients.


Redness Belief Bar – for Rosacea and inflamed skin

This wonderful soothing and calming bar is the perfect companion cleanser to the Cleanse & Calm bar (above). A must if you have inflamed skin.


Liquid O2 Extreme Eye Repair – for crepey skin texture and fine lines.

This is a next generation eye gel, which takes eye care to the next level. It contains algae gel, which is soothing and nourishing, and Vitamin C. It also contains Retinol!

It has been proven to reduce under eye wrinkles by at least 15%


Bio Peptide Cellular Complex for mature skin

This gorgeous, silky serum contains concentrated peptides, which will firm and tighten your skin. It’s a genius formula, which you apply after cleansing, and before moisturizing.


The Elixir Skin Perfecting Fluid for all skin tupe

Think of this as the ultimate super food for your skin. It contains soothing Omegas, which are perfect for anyone with sensitivity and inflammation. If you are going through chemo or radiation, treat yourself to this beautiful serum.


Cellular Firming Cream for mature skin

This is the ultimate firming antioxidant moisturizer, which pairs beautifully with any of the above products.


Total Eclipse BB Cream for everyone

OMG – this is SO unique! It’s a beautiful BB mousse – Featherlight, and filled with protective minerals and anti-inflammatory ingredients. It’s light and oil-free, so perfect for those with oily or pimple-prone skin too.