Dr. Prudence Hall’s Rx for Thyroid & Hormone Balance

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Real talk: I became a patient of Dr. Prudence Hall’s earlier this year. And from the first moment I stepped into The Hall Center for Regenerative Medicine in Santa Monica, Calif., I felt healthier. I LOVE Dr. Hall’s approach to wellness, and have quickly become a devoté of her line of wellness products.

For women across the country who don’t get to visit Dr. Hall in person, her products are a godsend. Each formulate is designed to not only treat a symptom, but to address the root cause of a problem, using safe natural compounds to promote the body’s own healing processes.

Prudence is offering my community a whopping $25 off all orders of $30 or more by using the coupon code SOPHIE25  – So make the most of it!

I’ve taken the liberty of sharing a few of my favorites below.


$53.50 for 60 capsules

Mega Adrenal by Body Software addresses one of the most debilitating results of chronic stress and depleted energy. The adrenal gland is responsible for the body’s fight or flight stress response. When the body is under chronic stress, the adrenal gland produces too much cortisol, which in turn decreases production of essential hormones DHEA, estrogen and testosterone. The body becomes incapable of responding to stress, affecting all hormones, and resulting in a loss of energy, cognitive function, motivation and performance – a condition called adrenal fatigue.


$85.00 for 120 capsules

InflamAlleve by The Hall Center is a synergistic blend of potent anti-inflammatory and therapeutically dosed botanicals and herbs. Supports the musculoskeletal system, including joints and connective tissue, and helps decreases pain and improves flexibility and mobility by decreasing oxidative stress and decreasing the up-regulation of inflammatory mediators.


$55.50 for 60 capsules

Bliss by BodySoftware was developed by Dr. Hall who believes the body’s biochemical balance can affect mood just as much as external factors. An imbalance in the same hormones that govern every reaction in the body can produce or exacerbate irritation and anger, which may impact relationships as well. That’s why she developed Bliss, a proprietary therapeutic formula using all natural ingredients to bring the hormones back to optimum levels.


$97.50 for 12o capsules

Sugar Balance by Body Software is a Hall Center Proprietary Brand designs to prevent high blood sugar which is the root cause of 85% of hypertension cases. People diagnosed with high blood sugar, individuals living with diabetes, and anyone with blood sugar concerns may benefit from Sugar Balance, an innovative nutritional supplement from The Hall Center. The formula has been designed to help balance blood sugar levels, improve insulin function and carbohydrate metabolism. Its ingredients are synergistic in helping to achieve ideal glucose control.