100% Pure Healthy Foundation

100% Pure Healthy Foundation

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I am in love with the 100% Pure Healthy Foundation ($46.00)! Not only does the color come from natural fruit and vegetable dyes (which seems totally impossible), but it also has an outstanding texture. When I visited the 100% Pure store just this past weekend, I said to Brittney, the adorable makeup artist, that I was looking for a full-coverage foundation with SPF. This isn’t an easy find, and I was totally expecting her to say they didn’t carry it. And, I also explained that my skin is pretty dry, and clearly on the “mature” side! She told me she had the perfect foundation for me, and she was absolutely spot on. The 100% Pure Healthy Foundation is creamy, yet has a matte/powder finish, so no powder required. It’s also packed with antioxidants, and I mean PACKED to the hilt with the kinds of ingredients that you could eat!

It gave me enough coverage to make me feel super-confident, on and off-camera. And now, I can wear it when I’m walking around outside the set, and not have to worry that the Summer rays are destroying my skin. It’s a great daily foundation for everyone because it’s nourishing your skin as you wear it.

Wow – I’m a bit of a newbie to 100% Pure makeup (love the skincare), so I’m about to give an extended road test to a bunch of their other gorgeous-looking cosmetics.

I highly recommend finding if there’s a 100% Pure store anywhere near you – it’s worth the schlepp. That way you can get color-matched, and shop online in the future. They also have an easy and really solid return process, so if you can’t make it to the store, you can take a good guess as to what you shade might be, and if it’s not right, return and try again. I’m “Warm Peach”.