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Seed Probiotics For Improved Gut Health!

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Probiotic Mania!

The term “probiotic” has become a marketing term in the U.S. Since a probiotic is in the supplement category, the regulations for safety and efficacy are extremely weak in the U.S. Not so much in Europe. But buyer beware if you are interested in improving your gut health! When you see chocolate, nuts, and kale chips infused with probiotics, you should pause. If you want a real probiotic, you need to seed your gut with a clinically-studied probiotic for improved gut health!

The truth is that all the commonly thought of probiotic sources, don’t really make a difference to your gut or digestive health. But wait – isn’t Kombucha full of probiotics? Nooooooooo! Kombucha (and any kind of fermented food), is healthy and delicious, but not full of probiotics that are beneficial to your gut health (your microbiome). I know that’s a shocker because most of us chug Kombucha in the hope that it’s doing something good! It’s not harming you, and it’s delicious, but let’s stick with the science. If you need and want real probiotics for real gut health, you need to take a supplement.

Seed Probiotics For Improved Gut Health!

As a board-certified nutritionist, I’m fascinated by the microbiota in my gut, and in your gut. A healthy gut is the foundation to good health. Or put another way, if your gut bacteria is out of balance, you cannot be fully healthy. Probiotics are live microorganisms, which when delivered in adequate amounts, confer great benefits. The key word is “LIVE”. They have to be able to survive the passage (stomach acid an all), from your mouth to your gut. Most brands don’t. Your probiotic also needs to contain specific strains with clinically proven benefits (most brands don’t). And even when you find a brand like Seed Probiotics, that are clinically proven for survivability and efficacy, you still need to know one very important thing: Probiotics are like good guests – they visit your home, stay for a few nights, and then leave. So we need to do 2 things:

  1. Take them daily
  2. Eat a whole food plant-based diet, which in the kind of fiber that the good bacteria need to feed on (aka prebiotics).
  3. Make sure you’re eating prebiotic foods, and taking supplements for gut repair (if needed).

I have tried a LOT of different probiotic brands, and was never fully satisfied until I found Seed Probiotics. A client turned me onto them. We were going through her supplements, and she asked if I knew about Seed. I did not, but since this particular client is on top of everything, I checked them out. The more I researched, the more fascinated I became! This brand spoke my language. They were invested in peer-reviewed published clinical trials on all of their stains. Music to my ears.

So, I reached out to them and said that I’d love to give them a whirl. I am very sensitive to any changes in my digestion and gut health, so I was excited to see what would happen when I popped these capsules.

The starter kit arrived, and to my delight, was as eco-friendly (not to mention stylish), as I could ever hope for. I’m actually OBSESSED with their dark green packaging: You get a green glass jar for your daily capsules, and a little mini travel tube for when you’re on the go. The directions tell you to start slow with just one a day for 3-days. You then increase to taking 2 caps daily on an empty stomach.

The Benefits

These “good guests” bring you some pretty healthy gifts! They interact with your immune cells, gut cells, and existing good bacteria. They help regulate your BM’s. And they help protect your intestinal permeability (super important for those with any autoimmune disease). They also produce short chain fatty-acids, which positively affect your gut and metabolic health.

I just feel better inside and out. I am taking the Daily Female Synbiotic, which can benefit you skin health, gut health, heart health, metabolic health, and immune function. It can also significantly help with urogenital issues. And the biggest benefit is your mood. Since you gut is your second brain, when it’s functioning optimally with a balanced microbiota, you’ll feel more bouncy!

I highly recommend Seed Probiotics probiotics for real gut health! Try them and let me know what you think. You sign up for a monthly subscription, and they’ll mail you your refills so you never have to think about it again. It’s an investment that is well worth your money. Remember, your gut is the foundation from which good health springs. Stress, age, antibiotics, and ill health all take their toll on your gut health. Taking effective probiotics is ultimate self-care (as opposed to sick care). Invest in monthly probiotics, and I can bet you won’t get sick so often. Finally, remember, getting sick can be expensive, so lets PREVENT!!




Full disclosure: Since I fell in love with Seed Probiotics, I have affiliated with them, which means that I get a small commission (at zero cost to you), for every sale…which is good because I’ve gotta keep the lights at the gorgeously green headquarters!!