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071812-audPhilip B’s Oud Royal Forever Shine shampoo and conditioner is one of those outstanding beauty products that you just can’t get enough of. This is an absolute winner in terms of really delivering extraordinary results. Every few weeks I get to try a new shampoo, and one that is free of all the chemicals that I eschew, and I am rarely blown away, as I have been with these guys. My hair takes a battering because at least twice a week it’s subject to a curling tongs and/or a flat iron (for work), and even when I’m at home I have to wash it almost everyday because whatever I do in my sleep makes me wake up with a veritable rat’s nest. So, finding hair products that not only deliver serious moisture, but lasting shine is a huge challenge. I don’t know what it is about the Oud Royal Forever Shine products, but I could go for 3 days without washing or styling my hair and not only did it stay un-frazzled, but it stayed very shiny. You’ll have to read all about the technology that goes into these products, but suffice to say – it’s very impressive. And as if all that wasn’t enough, it smells divine (and is phthalate-free!). LOVE!!!!

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