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If you are like me, you don’t like to wear a heavy foundation that you must paint on. You crave a foundation that will look fresh and not feel overwhelming. Over the summer, the sun will change the color of the skin and it can be hard to keep your foundation matching the rest of the skin. Well, lucky for you, there are some fabulous alternative options to commercial foundations that are great for your skin and the Earth.  These have wonderful natural ingredients, much more gentle and safe than those chemical compounds that every brand has copyrighted.   One of my favorites is Nothing To Hide from Apriori Beauty.

This little wonder is a tinted moisturizer and pigment balancer as well as a foundation. Since your skin is actually the foundation for putting on makeup, why not nourish it and help it glow while reducing the signs of aging? That is the goal of the Nothing To Hide makeup system, with the pure perfecting veil, powder, and sun protection cream. These products all include the Apriori Nutrient Reservoir ingredients including superfood antioxidants like goji berries and golden root to affect the quality of your skin at a cellular level. The perfecting veil, which I use, makes my skin breathable and balanced. You know when your face turns red or dull and you feel the need to slather on foundation to cover it? With this veil, you can layer on to achieve the right amount of coverage, and you will see an improvement in your skin tone and pigmentation as you use it. I would recommend having a good all natural concealer in your purse for touch-ups, just in case.

This product gets the Gorgeously Green stamp of approval because it compliant under the European Union Cosmetics Directive, which puts forward strict guidelines  about cosmetics safety. This product has no paragons, SLS, synthetic fragrances or dyes, animal testing or ingredients. It has organic, natural ingredients and  a natural preservative system. Way to go!

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful review of Apriori Beauty Nothing to Hide products!
    An added note – The Pure Perfecting Powders (6 shades) are 15 SPF, and the Pure Perfecting Protectors in Translucent and Bronze shades are 30 SPF. We also have nutrient rich skin care and a home skin toning machine!

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