Moisture by Essentiel by Adele

Moisture by Essentiel by Adele

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I have been so excited to review this product – This is seriously a game-changing moisturizer, that I just cannot get enough of! Moisture by Essentiel by Adele has been a fixture in my beauty routine for the past few weeks … let me tell you why!

I met Adele a few weeks ago. Get this, she’s a parts model, which means that she models feet, legs, hands … you get it. This is a very long way to of saying: Adele knows how to care for her skin, it’s her job. So, of course, I wanted to try the skincare line from a literal gorgeous-skin-model!

And boy, was I delighted! Moisture is an antioxidant-rich blend of essential oils and nutrients that leave your skin feeling oh-so-glamorous. This formulation is designed for every part of your gorgeous bod: from face to hands to body, which I think is amazing. No more individualized products … this moisturizer works from head to toe.

And get this: the ingredients list is off the charts. Hyaluronic acidMSMcoffee berry, and raspberry leaf, it does not get more moisturizing than that, friends!

Now, real talk: I’ve had to hide my full-sized bottle from my family. My husband LOVES this moisturizer (yes, it’s great for men too), and my daughter loves the light scent and gorgeous wear (it’s completely non-greasy and absorbs so quickly). I keep my convenient travel size for the whole family, and I sparingly fill it up from my full size, which I keep in my bedside table, for fabulous nighttime nourishment. 

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