Cream Mask Trio Travel Set by When Beauty

Cream Mask Trio Travel Set by When Beauty

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You guys know I love a good mask – whether we’re talking a mud mask to draw out impurities, a gel mask for added moisture, or anything in between, I am a big fan of masking. It is for this exact reason that I was so excited to find When Beauty at this year’s Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles. This is an amazing company dedicated to the art of the mask, and this dedication shines through in their Cream Mask Trio Travel Set. Let’s talk about this amazing trio!

The trio kicks off with When Beauty’s Creamy Mud Pore Clarifying & Minimizing Mask. This gorgeous mud mask (yes, you know a mud mask can be gorgeous) is made with pure Amazonian clay and has the most luxe, creamy texture. It is designed to deeply cleanse your pores, which usually means ever drying even your skin’s necessary oils, but not so with this mask! You don’t have to worry about a dry, flaky, cracked mask with When’s Creamy Mud Pore Clarifying & Minimizing Mask. After using this mask, my pores felt tightened (in such a lovely way), and my skin felt so refreshed (it’s made with peppermint essential oil which is so invigorating).   

Next up is When’s Rose Coconut Gentle Exfoliating Scrub Mask. This lovely scrub is made with coconut powder, rose essential oil and calamine powder to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while deeply soothing and smoothing your skin. Seriously, it’s divine. And here’s a pro-tip: use this scrub mask on your lips to instantly revitalize chapped, sunburned or dry lips!

Finally, When Beauty’s Berry Dual Gel & Cream Sleeping Mask is the perfect way to finish off your clarifying and exfoliating. This product is pretty amazing – it’s a gel mask with a very creamy texture that is designed to restore your skin while you sleep (you know I love to multi-task). Chock-full of antioxidants including berry complex and Swiss Edelweiss stem cells, this mask will moisturize and calm your skin while you recharge from a long day. I love the smell of bergamot and geranium essential oils as I sleep – seriously, a mask made in heaven.

This incredible trio costs just $55, and is available if you click the link below! Happy masking!