The Nourishing Sugar Scrub by Bogavia

The Nourishing Sugar Scrub by Bogavia

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I love it when I get to review a Bogavia product. Bogavia is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite lines, they can do no wrong! Which is why I am so excited to talk about their The Nourishing Sugar Scrub today!

The first time I encountered a sugar scrub was actually through a friend. She SWORE by a DIY she found. Without fail, once a week during the summer, she’d treat her skin to a very thorough sloughing off with her sugar scrub. I swear it was the secret to her glow.

Her summer scrubbing habit rubbed off (pun intended), and to this day I love to treat my skin to a summer-preparedness course with a good scrub. But finding an exfoliating product that is a) gentle, b) healthy for my skin and c) nourishing can be tough! Salt scrubs leave my skin so dry. And other mechanical exfoliants (like walnut seeds) are too abrasive for me. Which is why I have fallen so deeply in love with The Nourishing Sugar Scrub by Bogavia.

Ok, how to use this wonderful product. Let’s start here: we all know what happens when you add sugar to water (and there is real organic sugar in this scrub) – so, the amount of exfoliation directly aligns with how wet your skin is upon application! I usually start perched on the edge of the tub, with dry skin. I rub The Nourishing Sugar Scrub by Bogavia in circular motions on my legs, arms, and back (and don’t forget your hands and feet too!). The key is to scrub longer, not harder. As my skin becomes more sensitive, I slowly add water to the scrubbing, transitioning from scrubbing to cleansing. Finally, I go for a really good rinse, continuing the circular motion. By the time I’m done, my skin is brighter, smoother and ready for a moisturizer (sometimes I find I don’t even need a moisturizer after using this scrub, totally your call).

The Nourishing Sugar Scrub by Bogavia is a great prep before you shave your legs, head to the beach or apply a self-tanner. Seriously, I cannot get enough.

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