Little Blue Dress

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I applaud a company called Patagonia, for their incredible environmental activism. They were at it long, long before eco-fashion was cool. They carry an enormous range of sports clothes – from sexy bikinis to full-on rock-climing gear, they’ve got it all.
I have fallen in love with their “Morning Glory Dress” – it’s described as being a great little number to wear after a hard day of climbing. I would describe it as a great little number to don after a hard day of sitting at my computer! It comes in slate grey or a cornflower blue and is honestly the most comfortable dress I own. Check it out at:
Plan to spend a little time browsing their excellent and informative website.

1 thought on “Little Blue Dress”

  1. It’s great that you are giving props to Patagonia for the activism. However, it’s worth noting that there is nothing green or sustainable about the Morning Glory Dress as it is made completely out of nylon and spandex both of which are petroleum based textiles. Yes, it’s true that Patagonia does a great job deflecting scrutiny of the many toxic product programs they market.

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