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Do you dye your hair? If you do, make absolutly sure that the dye you (or your colorist), are using is safe and free from harmful chemicals. Regulators have recently announced the ban of 22 substances from use in hair dyes in the European Union, as they are known to cause bladder cancer and bone marrow cancer. These same regulations have not been enforced in the U.S. as of May 2007.
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16 thoughts on “Healthy Head”

  1. I use Ecocolors Haircolor. Why don’t you list this haircolor, as it is much better than tints of nature.

  2. Hello there,

    I just bought these “O gLOw” brand cosmetics at Sephora . They claimed that the “color” induced is by some sort of berry acids. I cant find the packaging so I was wondering if some one here has an idea on these?.

  3. Jo Ann Anderson

    After reading two pages of your book, I went to my health foode store ” Green Acres” and bought “NUTRATINT” and colored my gray hair. I was really pleased with the color. Now we’ll see if it last up to 5 weeks like the box claims.

  4. Could you tell the ingrediants that have been banned everywhere except the US so that one could read the labels?

  5. What do we do with the Red Alert Products? i know i can recicle the botles but what about the content? of course don’t flush them cause of the water contamination so what?


    My Husband has acid reflux and uses pepcid that has FC&C Blue 1, what other over tha counter you recomend cause he really needs it and Tums don’t do the work

  6. Hi,

    I am struggling right now to find a good shampoo that doesn’t leave my hair all greasy and I’m tired of buying bottles at 10$ that I use once… anything to recommend… please help me!!!

  7. On the subject of beauty. In the bood there is a recipe for the Luxurious Rose facial oil. Just wondering on the amount of base oil to use. 2 or 4 oz. Has anyone made these?

  8. I was just wondering what the best way to dispose of the bad products? Nail polish, shampoo and conditioner bottles, and other cosmetics that are harmful to me? Throughing it in the garbage seems just as harmful.

  9. Thank you for your tireless research for these wonderful insight. Because of you, I feel now safe to use these green products. But where do you purchase 100% organic cotton cloth for your cleansing purposes?


  10. Tossing old stuff. Recycle them. I just gave them to my friend and explained why I was getting rid of them – to practice “safe health”. Since she is not yet “Green”, better she use mine up then buy something new.

  11. Admin or anyone – Please advise if you know of any relaxer system for ethnic (african roots) hair. I have been reading about Phyto Specific – Level II which is soy and egg based, however, it contains Orange list items and I am worried about the added estrogen if I choose to use it for my young daughter.

  12. I was wondering if anyone knew of a brand that I could use for highlighting my hair that is safe. Or what should I be asking my hair salon about there products? Thanks.

  13. I am blonde like nicole kidman. My mom’s a brunette with red fire like Julianne Moore–“mahogany” Just like Nicole Kidman, I like to go red-gingery sometimes, like”Royal Ginger”, Prince Harry. Being Gweneth Paltrow blonde can get boring, ya know! We use NatureTints from Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe. The colors are sparkling, long lasting. My QUESTION is: are Tints of Nature and Susan’s natural haircolor line SAFER in any way–than NaturTints? I am asking: are those 22 UNSAFE INGREDIENTS in NatureTint, but not in those 2 haircolor brands you are promoting to us Gorgeously green Gals? I really want to know! Someone please share with me your 2 cents, cause I think it will be worth a whole lot more to me!!!

  14. What does one do with the prescription pill bottles from the Pharmisist after the Medication is done?
    I live in Ontario, Canada and am not aware of any solution to the correct disposal of those un recylable bottles. Any advise on whether there is a solution to this dark brown plastic and is there a better, earth friendly product to dipense medication in?

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