Lipgloss by 3Graces Beauty

Lipgloss by 3Graces Beauty

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It’s no secret that I LOVE lip color. Peek into my purse at any given moment and you’ll find a rainbow of lip glosses, sticks, balms, and butters. And you kind of need every type, right? Because glosses and sticks can be rather drying for your lips, and balms and butters don’t give enough color. Just when I surrendered to multiple lip products in every purse, I was introduced to an absolutely game-changing line: They Lipgloss by 3Graces Beauty is a stunning combination of expert color and luxuriously nourishing ingredients!

Let me start by telling you about 3Graces’ founder, Colleen. Colleen has built a phenomenal career in the beauty industry: from makeup artist to marketing and PR expert, and now she is a founder and formulator – she’s conquered nearly every job in the industry! The brand 3Graces Beauty is a direct reflection of Colleen’s many achievements in the beauty and wellness field, and it shows in every aspect of Colleen’s incredible formulation.

3Graces Beauty lip products feature a proprietary formulation of plant-powered (yaaaas!) ingredients that include passionfruit oil, açaí berry oil, squalane oil and moringa oil that deeply nourish your lips. I think my top compliment to 3Graces is that their products are the opposite of drying: My lips feel so supple after wearing 3Graces Lipgloss – it’s like I’ve worn my favorite chapstick all day (instead of my favorite lip color!)!

But 3Graces is also a labor of love and a direct manifestation of Colleen’s passions. Colleen radiates inspiration, graces, and elegance – three words that carry through her entire line. 3Graces Lipgloss comes with a gorgeous affirmation inscribed directly on the tube. So not only will you look amazing wearing the color, but you’ll feel amazing too!

3Graces Lipgloss is cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and silicon-free. My favorite color is 3Graces’ Pink Nude – it is perfect for all-day wear. And for a limited time use the code GREEN20 at checkout for additional discounts!! Click the button below to get started, and click here to check out my other reviews!