When Beauty Pure Five Serum With Seanol™

When Beauty Pure Five Serum With Seanol™

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When I think about the things I am most grateful for in 2019, When Beauty climbs straight to the top of the list. I met When Beauty at Indie Beauty Expo Los Angeles, and instantly fell head-over-heels in love with their line of awesome sheet masks (if you haven’t seen their Beauty And The Breast [yes you read that correctly] yet, check them out!). Earlier this year, When Beauty released their new Revivifying line of products focusing on anti-aging, and a shining star in this stellar lineup is the When Beauty Pure Five Serum With Seanol™.

Seanol is a seriously innovative product: made from antioxidant-rich brown algae found off the coast of Korean Island Jeju, Seanol protects your gorgeous skin from free-radicals and inflammation while encouraging cell turnover that leaves your skin looking simply youthful. This is a miracle (and proprietary) ingredient you won’t find anywhere else. And online some of the other products on the market that tout algae’s amazing skin benefits, When Beauty’s Seanol products contain active ingredients, not just label fairy dusting!

When Beauty Pure Five Serum With Seanol™ has received many accolades this year, and I am so excited to add mine to the list. I love this serum. I feel and see a measurable difference in my skin after every use. Goodbye dull, lack-luster skin. Hello dewy, youthful glow! I LOVE that this product is fragrance-free, and how it leaves my skin feeling fresh and routine-ready (not sticky or weighed down).

Now, I will say that this product is not cheap – at $100, you’ll be comforted to know that the active ingredients in this serum are well-worth the price. And, after some testing, I can tell you that a little goes a long way! It’s an investment piece for your skincare, but if you’re going to splurge, a serum is a great place to do it! Click the button below to grab your When Beauty Pure Five Serum With Seanol™, or click here to read my other When Beauty reviews!