Body Creme by SPARITUAL

Body Creme by SPARITUAL

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Here’s a childhood memory for you: My mother, who was a phenomenal cook and had a truly gorgeous English kitchen, always kept a beautiful hand cream by the kitchen sink. To this day, she does the dishes (beautifully, she does everything beautifully), and then uses just a dab of this perfect hand creme to keep her skin nourished. It’s like a gorgeous reward for completing a not-so-glamorous task.  I carry this very small habit with me to this day, and therefore am constantly on the hunt for a great hand creme to keep by my kitchen sink. I found the perfect cream in the Body Creme by SPARITUAL.

Yes, this creme is perfect for your hands AND body (cheers to multitasking). That makes this product so great is its texture – thick enough to coat chapped hands, absorbent enough to not leave a greasy residue, and silky enough to feel great on heels, legs, arms … all over. I’m in love.

I think the formulation is what wows me most of all. Aloe vera leaf juice, jojoba, shea butter, and tamarind seed come together to create a moisturizing powerhouse. And the scent is out of this world: geranium and cedarwood. Think floral with an earthy note that just leaves me smiling!

So, I’ve been using this creme on my hands and body at home and, obviously, I’m smitten. But the other day, I had a total breakthrough moment. I tossed this creme in my purse on the way out the door to a manicure and I am SO glad I did. I relaxed while getting a manicure and being absolutely confident the lotion is safe and effective – the perfect combination.

This product is vegan and cruelty-free (yes!), and comes in a large tube that is perfect for easy application. Click the button below to grab your Body Creme by SPARITUAL today! And check out my other reviews here!!