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Do you ever get fed up with the amount of plastic you bring back with your dry cleaning? I cannot stand that I just have to rip off yards of this flimsy plastic and stuff in straight into the bin. I’ve asked a number of dry-cleaners if they would be willing to notuse the plastic, but I haven’t had a positive response and in some ways they’ve got a point – my newly cleaned garments could pick up a nasty smattering of black dust if I unwittingly brushed them against my car. Now that I’ve found a non-toxic cleaner, I’m quite passionate about taking them to the next level and so I was absolutely thrilled to find The Green Garmento. It’s a 3-in-one bag: First you use it as a “hanging hamper” to stockpile your cleaning, then it turns into a convenient on-the-shoulder duffel bag for transporting your clothes, and finally The Green Garmento turns into a hanging garment bag for you to take your cleaning home. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. I suggest starting with at least 2 bags, as you’ll leave the first one with the cleaner and need your second one to bring the next load in. You can even get a free bag if you supply the guys at Green Garmento with your local dry-cleaner’s details. My nearest cleaner is so taken by the idea (there were initially a few raised eyebrows but we got over that!) that he’s thinking of going totally Green Garmento – meaning that every client will have their own bags and he’ll print the cleaner’s name on them. Win-win all the way around !

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