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I am a great believer that the key to glowing skin is exfoliation. If we don’t get rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate every day, we are simply using moisturizers to stick them back onto our skin! The most budget-friendly and effective way to exfoliate your entire body, is the Bass Skin Towel. These inexpensive little towels are quite magical as you can hold it with both hands behind you and successfully exfoliate your entire back and back of your thighs and legs, which is normally impossible. Internationally acclaimed dermatologist, Julia Tatum-Hunter of Skin Fitness in Beverly Hills, recommends performing a full body exfoliation with one of these towels, nightly. Simply lather the towel up with a little organic shower gel or soap and get scrubbing.
I also love to “skin brush” once a week. This practice is very common in Europe as it it believed to be excellent for the lymphatic system. You can find a natural bristle body brush from the company Bass too. When skin brushing, you need to start at your feet and brush upward in long strokes in order to get the lymph moving upwards. The skin brushing also does a great job of exfoliating dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling tingly and alive. It’s important that you skin brush on dryskin and then shower afterwards. You can find Bass products at your local health food store, Whole Foods, or


  1. I ordered the cloth and the body brush – love them both! I travel a lot for work and will definitely take them along. I get really dirty working in my garden and around my horses so I need something to really scrub the dirt off. Love the cloth!

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