Benecos Natural Lip Balm Orange

Benecos Natural Lip Balm Orange

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You will literally never catch me without a lip balm. Call me crazy, but when you need chapstick, you REALLY need it. There is a constant rotation of lip balms in my bag, without only a handful of truly standout products. Benecos Natural Lip Balm in their amazing orange flavor is absolutely one of the standouts.

I mean, there’s really only a few things you can say about lip balm: do you like the flavor, and does it WORK? Meaning, are your lips moisturized, nourished and soft after using (not tacky, craving another application, and thirsty.)? The answer is a resounding YES to both questions when it comes to Benecos Natural Lip Balm.

I love the subtle orange flavor of this lip gloss. Not too sweet, not too fragrant, just the right hit of flavor. And what could be better for summer!

And, man, does this lip balm work. I am prone to chapped lips, and just a swipe from this gorgeous lip balm and I’m back in the game.

Plus, it’s gluten-free AND vegan, which is awesome.

Grab your Benecos Natural Lip Balm Orange by clicking here. And read more beauty products reviews here