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SO glad I tested the Christopher Drummond mineral makeup line! What sets it apart from others is that it’s vegan, organic and is made with Brazilian Acai, botanical ingredients, and trace minerals. If your skin ever feels itchy and/or gets irritated after using mineral makeups, it could be because many of them contain titanium dioxide and bismuth oxychloride, which are very irritating to the skin and potentially toxic.

Aside from all this, the actual this makeup performs beautifully. The application of the foundation is all about layering, so you get to choose the kind of coverage you want as you go along. I’m in love with some of the eye shadows and the lip glosses are unique in that they deliver a lot of color that actually stays. The Saude Pele is an incredible product – a powder that for once doesn’t look dry or chalky – it’s silky and feels as if it melts on your skin. A little goes a very long way – so if you find that this line is a little pricier than others, know that a tiny pot will keep going for long, long time.

The other really awesome thing is that they’ll send you little tester pots so you can be sure you have the right color before splashing out.


  1. I have went to Christopher Drummond’s website and found that the makeup collection does contain titanium dioxide in them and so I am not sure why on Sophie’s website it says that they do not contain titanium dioxide.

    1. Hi Ophelia – here is Christopher Drummond’s reply to your question:

      Thanks for the inquiry. I will try to explain our stance on Titanium Dioxide (TD):

      Our line is not 100% TD free. However, the “core” powders: Veludo Velvet Foundation, Finale Finishing Powder, and the Saude Pele Radiance Booster are all 100% free of Titanium dioxide.

      Because of the fact that our eye shadows do contain pigment (naturally derived color), it is necessary to add a minuscule amount of Titanium Dioxide to keep the color true, and also to help the product adhere to the skin better. You do not have this issue with face powders.

      There are TRACE amounts of TD in the blush, eye shadow and other items with color. They are such a small amount, that we are not concerned about the harm it may do. I personally have done extensive research on percentages of TD, and I am very comfortable with the small amount in the eye shadows and blush.

      It should also be stated that a person should only be concerned with TD if they have allergies. It is NOT considered toxic when placed on the skin, and there is a minimal amount of research stating that it MAY cause irritation when inhaled in large amounts (1000 times what we have in our eye shadow).

      Thus, the products are all considered toxin free, and should only be an issue for someone that is allergic to high levels of TD that irritates the skin. In this example, we have hundreds of clients who have TD allergy issues, and have no problems with our makeup because our ingredients are incredibly pure and clean.

      We are incredibly stringent about the ingredients we use, and how we portray ourselves to the public. We do not in any way want customers to feel that they have been misled. Please let us know if there are further issues with this subject, and we can continue the conversation about Titanium Dioxide or any other ingredients (by the way, we fully disclose ALL ingredients on our website, to avoid issues like this: We are very proud about every ingredient that we do (and do not) carry in our products. We are also pro dud to say in no way are we secretive about what we use in our products, which is why we fully disclose ingredients on our site. It is not a regulation to do this, we do it on our own, to maintain the integrity of the brand.

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