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As a parent, if you are not going to cloth diaper, the next best thing is a diaper like  Bambo Nature. Bambo Nature doesn’t simply state that their product is eco-friendly and free of dangerous chemicals, they prove it. I love that this product supports sustainable consumerism and a brand that creates innovative green products that work better than non-green brands.

Bambo Nature is considered eco-friendly because it is the only company that is audited in order to substantiate its eco-claims. Many other “eco” diapers are private labeled.  If you ask the corporation who makes the product and where it is made, you will not receive an answer.  When you ask Bambo Nature where and how it is made, the corporation will provide you every explicit detail.

3 thoughts on “BAMBO NATURE”

  1. Jennifer:
    Unfortunately, there are no disposable diapers on the market that are 100% biodegradable. The elastic waistband or lycra waistband do not biodegrade. The synthetic SAP or gel is not 100% biodegradable. Tape tabs are not biodegradable. BUT do not lose confidence, the technology is coming. For now, products like Bambo Nature and Nature BabyCare are really good. Don’t let your pursuit of perfection get in the way of really good!

  2. Nature BabyCare is not a biodegradable product. They have done a good job selling green by adding a few feel good components. Please contact them and ask for real proof that their product biodegrades in a land fill. I wager they cannot.

    Green is more that a statement printed on a toxic package!

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