Andrea Schroder Candles

Andrea Schroder Candles

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If you are a natural fragrance, poetry, and candle-lover, you HAVE to experience Andrea Schroder Candles. They are made with her unique blend of coconut oil, which allows a fine delivery of the different fragrant notes, and which can also be used as a body lotion. I spent the day with Andrea yesterday chatting about natural fragrances and this beautiful woman knows her stuff! Years of research and learning have gone into creating her sublime fragrance blends, which are delicate and indescribably beautiful.

Even better, each candle is hand-poured and comes packaged with a family poem for you to enjoy. And her products are Made in the USA There is so much love put into Andrea Schroder Candles – this is one of those times when you know you’re getting something very special. BTW, my absolute favorite blend is her one-of-a-kind Basil Lemongrass. I love Lavender Linen in my bedroom (lavender as so many wonderful benefits, it’s hard not to love.

Be sure to check out the collections created by Andrea Schroder Candles. This is a frequent stop of mine when I’m looking for a gift for a friend or hostess!

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