Minty Exfoliating Face Wash

Minti Exfoliating Face Wash
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Since Obama signed a bill in December 2015, which bans the use of plastic micro beads in all cosmetic formulations, big companies are scrambling to come up with an alternative. Micro beads are tiny beads of plastic that were used primarily in exfoliating products, particularly face washes. Unfortunately, these beads add to our already-polluted oceans, where even bigger pieces of plastic break down and become part of an island of plastic (the size of Texas), in the Pacific Ocean. So, it’s not a moment too soon that this bill was passed. This is what promoted me to create an exfoliating face wash, which does an even better job than the plastic beads, is healthier for your skin, and healthier for the planet. It is anti-bacterial, so great for anyone who is prone to breaking out, but also works for dry skins because of the oils that I’ve added. I am using jojoba pearls. These are tiny beads of hardened jojoba oil, which are not water soluble – so they will stay intact in your formulation. Jojoba pearls are perfect for gently exfoliating any skin type. Remember daily gentle exfoliation is an important part of your skin care regime: It not only removes excess oil, dirt and grime, but it also encourages skin cell turnover – yes we want those bright, shiny, new cells coming up to the surface or our skin everyday!



*If you have super-sensitive skin, you may want to use the unscented Castille soap

An 8-ounce glass pump bottle. I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs. You can use either clear or opaque for this recipe. I chose clear because the green color of the product is so pretty, and I wanted to gift a couple of bottles. You could also re-use a pump dispenser bottle that you already have. Just make sure you wash it out well with hot and soapy water.


  1. Place all the ingredients except for the pearls in a blender. I just use my Magic Bullet, which is perfect because you only need a couple of pulses. Do not blend too much because it will become way too foamy! 2 seconds will do it.
  2. Mix in the pearls.
  3. Use a funnel to transfer to your pump dispenser.

Storage & Use: I recommend keeping it in the fridge. Although the tea tree oil acts as a preservative, you still need to keep it in the fridge to make sure it’s preserved properly. The shelf life is up to one month in the fridge. To use: Shake well before using. Wet your fingers (I use it in the shower, so my face and body is already wet). Rub between fingers to create a gentle foam. Massage in circles all over your face, neck and chest. Rinse off with warm water. You can also use a warm terry face cloth to remove. It’s gently enough to use everyday.

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