6 Reasons Why You Need Aromatherapy in Your Life

Psycho Aromatherapy
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Aside from all the outstanding physical benefits of essential oils that we’ve been discussing all week, the thing that really makes me need to have them as a huge part of my life is the effect that they have on my emotions. Aromatherapy is powerful. So powerful that certain blends can actually affect different glands in your body such as your pituitary gland, which I consider to be the master gland in the body because it governs most of your hormonal activity.

Essential Oils Can Help:

1. As an Aphrodisiac.
2. A hormone regulator
3. A mood-lifter
4. Memory Stimulant
5. Sedative
6. Invigorating

Take a look at this infographic, which tells you which oil works for which emotional/physical condition you may be dealing with.

BTW – since everyone always asks, I get most of my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Psycho Aromatherapy

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