Living Plant Pendants

Living plant pendants
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I am utterly obsessed with living plants jewelry! And, I’m making living plant pendants for many little gifts this year. It’s an easy, fun, and inexpensive gift, which will delight the recipient. Plus, it’s VERY gorgeously green!

You Will Need

Vial Bottles with cork stoppers

Pendant chain, hemp/silk/leather cord

2 tsp cactus/succulent plant soil

Seed beads or crystals

Tiny succulent plants or air plants


Place a layer of tiny seed beads or crystals in the bottle.

Using a tiny spoon, add about 1/2 tsp of soil to the bottle.

Tamp down the soil.

Using tweezers and a wooden cuticle stick, carefully insert the succulent or plant.

Cork the bottle.

Add the chain or cord.

To care for your living necklace, take out the stopper if you are using one, and let it air out when you are not using it.


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