Knit Therapy

Knit Therapy
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My husband and I were out a few nights ago at some fancy event. I was done with all the small talk and my feet, which were stuffed into perilously high ankle-boots, were numb. My husband asked if I was okay, and I told him that all I wanted to do was to get home, curl up on the couch with a Chamomile tea, and continue crocheting. “Seriously?” he said, absolutely appalled – not by the wanting to go home, but more by the vision of his wife with her very attractive (not so much,) reading glasses, engrossed in piles of yarn and crochet hooks  – which he totally equates with a somewhat elderly woman – his grandmother to be specific, who was a champion crocheter.

The truth is that I find knitting, and my new obsession, Crochet, so darn therapeutic. I’m also madly in love with the Pagewood Farm hand-dyed yarns, which you may have seen me knit scarves with on a recent Home & Family episode. These yarns are also hand-spun and are pricey – but so gorgeous that they’ve become something of an addiction – what else can I create with them??

My latest creation is  scarf made from this exquisite chunky purple yarn. It’s pretty much a simple single crochet stitch, so great for a beginner, and honestly it’s the yarn that makes it look more than it is. My little rescue Maltese, Phoebe, is pretty wowed by the yarn too – after wrapping her in my latest creation, she fell into a dreamy sleep.

I find most DIY projects hugely therapeutic. If I’m having an off day, it’s saves me to have a project at hand. After only a few minutes, I get drawn into the process and it becomes a Zen-like experience. Whether I am pouring soaps (check out my recent Valentine Soaps), melting waxes, or knitting yarn, my attention gets drawn to the details of the job and hand, and my mind slows down – Ahhhhhhhhh – how blissful. I never feel good after spending hours doing emails or futzing around on social media, NO – all that can make be feel discombobulated and fried. It drains my energy. On the other hand, involving myself in a DIY or cooking recipe, or crocheting a few rows, allows space to form between my thoughts, and into that space PING – I might actually have an original thought (aka: an inspiration)!





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