Germs B Gone Rollerball

Germs B Gone Rollerball
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Since I’m not big on flu shots, I realized that I better get making an essential oil protective concoction, that I can have with me at all times. So I created this powerful Germs B Gone Rollerball to help prevent those pesky cold and flu germs from getting near you! You can pop it in your purse and you are SET. What I like most about the rollerball is that you won’t offend the people next to you because you don’t spray it everywhere.

Application: I recommend swiping over the palms of your hands a couple of times, rubbing your hands together, and then cup your hands over your nose and mouth. Take a few deep breaths in and out. If I feel I’m in a germ-y environment, I’ll perform this little inhalation every now and again. It’s also super calming, which is is great for your immune system!

Important times to whip out your rollerball

At the gym – Roll it into the palm of your hands, rub your hands together so that you are protected from whatever you touch.

At the store – Roll liberally on hands before even touching a shopping cart.

At school – If you are a teacher or around a lot of kids, roll onto your inner wrists 3 times a day.

On the plane – You will want use multiple times! I roll a bit into a Kleenex and rub over tray table, arm rests etc. I also use as soon as I’ve come back from the germ-filled restroom.

Safety Tip: Always do a patch test on your inner wrist first to check you are not sensitive to it. Roll a tiny bit of oil into your inner arm or wrist, cover with a BandAid, and wait 24 hours. If there is not redness or irritation, you are fine:)



Mix all the ingredients in a glass measuring cup. Use a tiny funnel to decant into rollerball.

Shelf-life: Up to one year when kept in cook, dark cabinet.

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