DIY Nail Strengthening & Cuticle Oil

DIY Nail Strengthening & Cuticle Oil
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This marvelous DIY nail strengthening & cuticle oil does double duty for your nails. The specific essential oils that I have chosen will both strengthen weak/brittle nails, and deeply nourish your cuticles. Use it twice a day to see tremendous improvement in your nails and cuticles. As an idea, why not order the oils and invite a couple of friends around to share the cost and make the oils together. I love my DIY beauty parties – and so do all my friends!


BTW: I get all my oils from Mountain Rose Herbs


  1. Simply mix oils together and place in a small 1-2 ounce blue or amber dropper bottle (also available at Mountain Rose Herbs).
  2. Use at least twice a weak by massaging into clean nails and around cuticles. Tip: Take it with you to the nail salon and use in place of their cheap (useless) cuticle oil.

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