DIY Standing Desk with Balance Board to Ease Neck, Shoulders & Back Pain

DIY Standing Desk
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I hear it all the time, “My [back, neck, shoulders] are KILLING me!” Pick your spot, pick your pain, we’ve all been there. And I think we can all agree – It’s because we sit too much. I’m really starting to believe that sitting is the new smoking – It is the single most unhealthy thing you can do for your body. As I writer, I thought a sedentary daily routine was unavoidable, until I decided to make a DIY standing desk for me office. Trust me, I’ll never look back.

So there are two main components to my DIY Standing desk:

  • An Adjustable Height Standing Desktop Desk – I didn’t want to scrap my whole desk, so this topper is exactly what I needed. It’s adjustable to accommodate any height, and stable so I feel confident putting my laptop on it!
  • The American-Made Level® (Solid Bamboo) by FluidStance – Officially obsessed. Now, truth be told they’re not easy on the wallet, but every moment that I stand on this board I feel AMAZING. Because it’s a bit of a workout, you’re engaging your abs and back muscles.

All in, I love my new set up. Have you ever made a standing desk? Comment below with your tips and tricks!

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