Cranberry Crush Cocktail

cranberry crush
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Since cranberries contain more antioxidants than some of the most expensive super foods out there, I decided to see how I could incorporate them more into my diet. To get the full quota of nutrients you need to eat them raw. But raw is bitter, right? So I’ve found a way to sweeten them, which is non caloric and will not raise your blood sugar in the slightest. My Cranberry Crush Cocktail is insanely delicious. You can enjoy it instead of a slurpee!!! Or you can have it as a morning mocktail, or even serve it to your guests over the Holiday season. Either way, it’s the perfect solution to flooding your system with powerful antioxidants…that’s affordable!

By the way, this is diabetic-friendly too:)

Cranberry Crush Cocktail


Serves 1

6 frozen cranberries

6 ounces cooled hibiscus tea

1 tsp Erythritol

6  fresh mint leaves

1 cup crushed ice


Toss all the ingredients into a high speed blender and enjoy!


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