Vegan Apple Crisp Ice Cream

vegan apple crisp ice cream
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I do like ice cream – a LOT, but it really has to be healthy because otherwise it makes me feel terrible after eating it. Even vegan ice creams can leave me feeling a bit icky, especially if they are loaded with sugar and additives, so I prefer to make my own. This is a really easy vegan ice cream recipe, which doesn’t require an ice cream maker. If you wanted to go the ice cream maker route, you could use the same recipe and end up with a better consistency, but I honestly can’t be bothered to drag mine out at this time of year. I just want a quick, no-fuss recipe. I created an apple crisp ice cream because apples are in season big time, and because I always like a bit of crunch with my cream.



* Lucuma powder is considered a super food. It’s a low-glycemic sweetener, made from the Peruvian fruit. It is full of vitamins and minerals, and is used in many South American traditional ice cream recipes.



  1. Mix the milks and creams in a large bowl.
  2. Whisk in the arrowroot, lucuma powder, and cinnamon.
  3. Mix in the applesauce.
  4. Finally sprinkle the granola on top. It will start to sink, but as soon as you get it in the freezer, the granola will suspend in the cream.
  5. Freeze overnight.
  6. Remove from freezer about 30 – 45 minutes before eating.


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