AM & PM Skincare Routine

AM & PM Skincare Routine
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I am so excited to welcome Emily Fritchey, CEO of Sunshine Botanicals today. Emily is The Skin Whisperer – her work as a clinical aesthetician and formulator is out of the world. Today, Emily is showing us her best practices for an AM & PM Skincare Routine using Sunshine Botanical products. Emily’s biggest tip is this: Your cleansing routine isn’t cutting it. Trust me, it’s not. Emily recommends A two-step cleansing process – One that removes dirt, grime and build-up, and one that goes deeper to refresh and renew. Check out the routine in the video, and the products and links below:

Links to the products that make up my AM & PM Skincare Routine:

Pre-Cleanse and Detox

Cleanse + Purify

Cleanse + Clear

Cellular Renewal Mist

BioPeptide Brightening Serum

Liquid Oxygen Extreme Eye Repair Fluid

Total Eclipse BB Cream

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