5 Reasons To Go Plant-Based This Holiday Season

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Did you know that one of the biggest trends in 2017 is people going 100% plant-based? I prefer to call not eating meat/dairy “plant-based” instead of “vegan”. Veganism still brings unsettling images to mind of a pale, malnourished -looking, incense-burning, dreadlock-sporting, health food shop assistant…if you know what I mean. But now celebrities such as Arianna Grande, Ellen Degeneres, and Ella Goulding are outspoken about being plant-powered. But, celebrities aside, is there reason for most of us mere earthlings to go plant-based? Moreover, is it doable if you don’t have a private chef?  Yes and Yes! And, without further delay, here are my 5 Reasons To Go Plant-based for the Holidays:

  1. You’ll save a bunch of money. Good quality, organic meats are very expensive. And if you do animal flesh (no judgement from my end at all), it really does need to be 100% certified organic if you care about your health. But, seriously, I cut my grocery store bill by more than a third when I stopped tossing expensive meat into my basket.
  2. Going grease-free will be kinder to your drains, and your arteries. I know that there’s been the big old “butter-is-good-for-you” nonsense this year, but really guys! The studies were flawed, and saturated fat is saturated fat. The gunk you have to scrub out of the bottom of your roasting pan? That’s what’s coating your arteries too!
  3. Minimizing your exposure to pollutants is no easy feat nowadays. The pesky things are everywhere! Fortunately, we have got control (to some extent) over what we put in and on our body. Pollutants from industrial waste (the really nasty stuff), makes it’s way up the food chain, and stores itself in animal fat. This is why meat and dairy have been found to contain dioxins, which are probable  carcinogenic.
  4. Gorgeous glowing skin is often part and parcel of giving up dairy. Consumption of milk in particular has been linked to acne and congested skin in teens. If it affects teen skin, it can also older people’s skin too. So many of my clients have seen their break out’s dry up after giving up dairy.
  5. Your ecological footprint may not be top of your priority list, but I really get the fact that feeding the planet’s growing population with meat, just isn’t sustainable on any level. Without getting into boring drum-beating, it can’t be said enough that you will MASSIVELY reduce your footprint by going plant-based.

So with those 5 reasons in mind, do you think you want to try to go plant-based, or a bit more plant-based this Holiday? Small steps will make a big difference to your health, your pocketbook and the planet. So, if you still know that you’re going to be roasting that turkey for sure, maybe you can try to go plant-based for some of the meals surrounding the big feast. Less bacon, sausage, ham, and steak might be the way to go. See, you don’t have to go cold-turkey, right? Just look up some of my yummy, easy recipes, and  plant-power yourself to better health. Remember, plants contain cancer-fighting, and fat-storage-prohibiting compounds so you can’t really go wrong with that!

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