Stop Cravings With Yoga

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I totally understand food cravings. Even as a vegan, sometimes my desires overrun my body and I find myself craving something that may not be super healthy for me. Today, we’re talking about Yoga For Cravings with my dear friend Christine Burke. Christine is the co-owner of Liberation Yoga in Los Angeles and is the resident yoga instructor for all my retreats. More information below! Christine is taking us through a wonderful yoga practice today to help curb your cravings – Food and otherwise! Take a look!

Christine starts us with “The cup runneth over” moodra, which is a great way to be mindful of your breath and body.

Before we move onto the next pose, consider a few half Sun Salutations if you need a little warming up.

Next, we’re going to head into Warrior Pose

Then, we’re doing alternate Nostril Breath (also known as Sun Moon Breath)

And we’re going to end in Goddess Pose

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