Sophie’s Healthy DIY Skinny Tea

DIY skinny tea
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I have created my own version of a DIY skinny tea because I’m tired of seeing all the overblown claims of “skinny”, “detox” or “weight-loss” teas, which are just about everywhere at this time of year. At worst some of the claims are ridiculously inaccurate (like “lose 5 pounds in 5 days”), and at worst, some of them can be downright dangerous.

You have to know exactly what you are drinking. Are the herbs safe? Good quality? Blended by someone who knows what you are going etc etc.

In creating a tea, which may help to boost your metabolism and inhibit fat storage, I choose only quality teas, that have a solid body of scientific evidence behind why they may help, along with a healthy diet, and exercise, to keep you in great shape.

So -here you go: Make up a few canisters, and sip away!

Sophie’s Skinny Tea
Mix the teas and herbs in a bowl and transfer to an airtight canister (better if it’s an airtight tin or opaque jar because teas are light sensitive.)
You can find all these herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs

If you want you tea to be sweeter, just add some Stevia Drops.

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