Soothing Shower Steamers

Soothing Shower Steamers
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My soothing shower steamers are not only much needed at this time of year when we have colds and stuffy noses, but they also make for the perfect Holiday gift. Shower steamers are similar to bath bombs, only you use them in the shower instead of the bath! They “steam” because the hot water in your shower creates steam, which dissolves the steamer, releases the therapeutic essential oils. I love shower steamers because I try not to take too many baths. Given that a bath uses about 20 gallons of water, I have to ration myself.

I also love that my soothing shower steamers make perfect Holiday gifts for just about anyone. Have you seen the prices of bath bombs at places like Lush??? Wow – and you get to create something just as wonderful for a fraction of the price.


2 cups baking soda

1 cup citric acid

1 cup cornstarch

3-5 tbsp water

essential oils – see below

Silicone baking/soap molds

For a cold/flu symptoms, I recommed: 80 drops of eucalyptus essential oil & 40 drops peppermint essential oil

For a soothing shower, I recommend: 80 drops of lavender essential oil & 40 drops of geranium essential oil

You could also use Olbas Oil, which is great for sinus, colds, and seriously stuffy noses.


  1. Place the baking soda, citric acid, and cornstarch in a large bowl. Use a pastry cutter or large whisk to remove lumps and mix well.
  2. Add the water SLOWLY, 1tbsp at a time. You have to be very careful because if you add too much water too soon, the whole thing will fizz up. Just be patient and keep testing by grabbing a handful of the mixture and squeezing it in your hand. As soon as it feels like damp sand (that would be perfect for making a sandcastle), you’ve added enough water.
  3. Add the essential oils, and after every few drops, use your pastry cutter or a fork to mash them into the mixture.
  4. Place about 2 tbsp of mixture into each dome, and use the back of a spoon or ice cream scoop to press down and smooth.
  5. Leave overnight.
  6. Carefully remove from molds and package in a pretty Mason jar or clear gift bag with ribbons and decorations etc

To Store: They will store for up to 6 months in a cool, dark cabinet.

Tip: You might want to add another 10 – 20 drops of essential oil to the steamer either after it’s set, or just before you package it for gifting. The scent will be absorbed after a few days, and it’s nice to present it smelling strong:)

To Use: Take into the shower with you, wet it under the stream of water to get it going. Place the steamer at the far end of the bath/shower stall. You want it to last, and if it’s under the stream of water it will disappear too quickly.

Caution: Because you are bringing oils into the shower, make sure you use a shower mat, and wipe out the shower floor when you are done.

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