DIY Rose Geranium Body Spray - Sophie Uliano
DIY Rose Geranium Body Spray

DIY Rose Geranium Body Spray

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This DIY rose geranium body spray is stunning, especially when you keep it chilled. The “body sprays” that you can buy from the drugstore are horribly toxic because they are formulated with synthetic ingredients which contain phthalates, which you really want to avoid. Moreover, the sickly aroma simply masks body odor. If you like the idea of a sweet-smelling body & face spray that is therapeutic (uplifting), nourishing, as well as lovely to smell, give this a try:


You can buy all of the essential oils and the rose hydrosol from Mountain Rose Herbs. The essential oils, if stored in a dark spot, will last for years.

Simply stir the essential oils into the vodka, then mix with the hydrosol.

Pour into a small dark glass or plastic spray bottle and shake well before use.