The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke

The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke

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Ok, as a self-professed yoga nut, there’s nothing I love more than a book on yoga. Reading about the practice can totally change your yoga game, which is why I am quite simply obsessed with The Yoga Healer by Christine Burke.

Roll with me on this: Imagine a book that is full of gorgeous pictures where you could look up ailments ranging from back pain to anxiety, indigestion to stiff joints, restlessness to improved breathing and find a simple yoga practice targeting your physical, mental, and emotional concerns with three simple, concise practices for each one to address the condition. Amazing, right?

Now, I have to take a moment to tell you about Christine Burke. Christine and I met eons ago when Christine and her husband bought the yoga studio where I used to teach. Christine is a true gem – She’s more of a healer than a yoga teacher (although she is a hell of a yoga teacher). Her teaching style is effortless, while meticulous, nurturing while challenging. And as a person, she’s unparalleled. I just adore her through and through.

And don’t worry about pedantic language that you can’t follow, and illustrations that you can’t follow. Each mini-practice is designed to last 15 minutes (perfect for our on-the-go lifestyles), and are accompanied by pictures and instructions that MAKE SENSE! Added bonus: Each practice features breathing tips to see you through the experience. This is truly the perfect book for anyone looking to develop a personalized, dare I say bespoke, home practice. You’ll be confident in your work, and will see and feel lasting changes. Think of this as your guide book to yoga!