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Handful Bras

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Full confession: I’m smiling the whole time writing this product review. Because I LOVE Handful Bras with every fiber of my being. These sports bras are PERFECT – And that’s a no-holds barred superlative. I’m obsessed, I wear them almost every day (under athletic wear and even under street clothes), and I’ve never found a more supportive, gorgeous sports bra in all my years of working out.

Ok, let’s relive the nightmares we’ve all shared wearing a sports bra. They’re uncomfortable. They don’t SUPPORT enough (so you’re bouncing all over the place). They’re not flattering, especially insulting when you’re wearing less clothes than normal. And when you do find one that “works,” (i.e. keeps you from bouncing around all over the place) it feels like a suit of armor.

Throw all those cliches out the window, and get yourself a Handful Bra. Just do it, stop thinking about it.

Ok fine I’ll convince you. First of all, the company motto is Flatter, Not Flatten. And Handful Bras do just that for EVERY SINGLE BODY TYPE. And trust me, we’ve put this to the test. First guinea pigs: Me, and my trusty Brand Manager Katharine. I put mine to the test doing yoga and pilates – And I LOVED the bra from the start. Katharine does a little more “hard core” workouts as a TRX/Crossfit addict. Katharine called me right after her class to say not only did she not have to adjust the bra once during her standard HIIT workout, but she got MEGA compliments on the bra. So, I feel totally confident to say these bras work for any workout (or, Netflix and Chill if you’re looking for straight up comfort). The next round of testers were the attendees at the Hello Gorgeous Retreat in Palm Springs. Each attendee got a Handful Bra in their gift bag (cool, right?), and women of all ages and sizes LOVED the way these bras fit … and looked because they come in the coolest prints.

Now, I mean it when I say all women, because Handful Bras were designed with mastectomy patients in mind. Let me explain: Handful Bras have an optional padded insert included in the bra. If you want just a straight up, unfussy sports bra, pop those babies out and hit the bricks. If you want a little extra sculpting/shape, keep them in! Trust me, there’s no “uni-boob” affect, and these bras look amazing under clothes. One more amazing thing: ALL breast cancer survivors who want to skip the insurance hassle and pay out of pocket receive a 30% discount on all pocketed Handful bras. Just visit their website to learn more.

Personally, I’m obsessed with the Handful Y Back Bra, and Katharine swears by the Handful Adjustable Bra. The colors and prints are TO DIE FOR, and they regularly release seasonal selections.

I’ll say it now: I’ve thrown away my old, funky, useless sports bras and switched to an all-Handful wardrobe. Click the link below to learn more for yourself.

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