Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner by W3ll People | The perfect liquid eyeliner for women of a certain age

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Ah, the dreaded eyeliner. I can’t tell you how many near-perfect makeup days I’ve almost had, only to be foiled by liquid eyeliner. It is a gals best and worst friend. Unwieldily, imprecise and prone to smudging … Until now. I am totally crushing on W3ll People’s Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner, and I’m dying to tell you why.

So, the cons of a liquid eyeliner are pretty much summed up above. You have to have the steadiest hand, and most amazing eyeliners that you see on the street have been applied with some kind of assistance (have you seen the YouTube videos of girls using Scotch tape to control their liquid eyeliner?

Put. The. Tape. Down. Ladies. Welcome to the new kid in town. Let’s start with the fine felt tip applicator tip. It’s just just enough body to apply an even line, with the perfect give for you to use a light touch, or a more dramatic look. And this formulation is designed to stay in place – No tired raccoon eyes two hours after application. This plant-based liner is designed to never fade, flake, or smudge, so you’re free to wear it all day with no need for a check-up. Plus, this formulation will actually help your eyes – Organic rosemary and eyebright nourish and soothe sensitive eye area.

So, my friends, how do I use this product? I always suggest a light touch with liquid liner – A little goes a long way, and it’s easier to add more than to take it off. And, truth be told, I stick to my upper lid. You’ll see younger gals piling up liner on the under waterline, but for me, it actually adds unwanted years to my look (no thank you). So, I’ll use the very fine tip of the Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner to basically color in between my lashes on my top lid. It’s a slow process, but it makes my lashes look full and healthy, while adding a little pizzaz to my eye look.

And at just $17.99, I’m tempted to add one to my “on-the-go” makeup kit. Eyeliner is SO handy in a pinch.