Tammy Fender’s Epi-Peel

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I was looking for one of the best “facial-in-a-jar” products for a segment that I had been asked to put together for a local news show about creating a home retreat – And suddenly I remembered Tammy Fender’s Epi-Peel. Done and done! I have loved Tammy Fender’s products for many years, and when I am doing a beauty round-up, at least one of her products win’s first place in what I want to recommend to viewers on a You Tube video or on TV.

First off, a bit about Tammy Fender. She is completely about organic, holistic skincare. She is herself a yoga practitioner, dancer, and healer. She has a holistic spa in West Palm Beach, and is a thought leader in the sense of raising the bar in terms of pristine quality for spa products. All of her products are carefully and lovingly blended, retaining freshness and quality at every turn.

The Epi-Peel is a stunning facial for those who want to do a beautiful, gentle home treatment. It’s soothing, nourishing and clarifying. It’s suitable for all skin types, which isn’t the case with many at-home masks and peels. I wouldn’t personally categorize it as a “peel” because it honestly doesn’t peel off any layers of your skin, however, the clay will gently draw out impurities.

When you first open the tiny jar and sniff (which I always do because I am so guided by smell), it literally smells of freshly brewed mint tea. Dip your (clean) finger in, and you’ll find it’s a smooth paste with tiny flecks of lemon peel and oats. It is formulated with spearmint and rosemary to deeply cleanse your pores, and then the clay gently lifts out embedded dirt and grime.

Here’s what I most love about Tammy’s facial-in-a-jar – You don’t have to worry! You won’t experience any flaking, redness or peeling. Your skin will just feel a little tighter, and a little brighter – and who doesn’t need that once a week?