Summer Skincare, Beauty, Fitness, Reading and Wellness Recommendations

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With the Gorgeous For Good Weekend Retreat behind us, I wanted to take a moment to share the amazing retreat giftbag with you. We had some incredible brands in this giftbag, and now their contributions are available TO YOU (with some great discounts in there!). You can watch the video above, or you can scroll through the Summer Skincare and Wellness Recommendations below!


Lauren B. Beauty is changing my nail care game, and I could not be more excited. Whether you’re looking for an amazing new color to try, or a cuticle oil treatment for tired hands, Lauren has you covered. Her products are 7-free, which is amazing. Don’t be fooled by the 10-, 12-, 15-free brands either – Anything above 7 is a marketing ploy! Use the code gorgeous4good to get 30% off all orders plus free shipping on orders over $50.


Kimberly Heathman from MyChelle Dermaceuticals joined our skincare panel, and sent their two most popular cleansers (their Refining Sugar Scrub and their Fruit Enzyme Cleanser) to our gift bags.   MyChelle is an incredible line of skincare, but it’s also an incredible ambassador for the green skincare movement. Did you know an estimated 14,000 tons of sunscreen washes off swimmers and water-sports enthusiasts, devastating delicate eco-systems and contributing to the current global bleaching event? That’s why MyChelle has partnered with the State of Hawaii and the Surfrider Foundation to protect  our ocean environment. By opting for a 100% mineral sun protection, such as the products found in the MyChelle line, you’re switching to a product that is better for your health-and for our world. You can learn more here.


My favorite GoPure was also in the gift bag. Listen up, ladies: You need Vitamin C in your skincare routine. And with GoPure, you have no excuse for not having it. Their Vitamin C Serum is killer, has an amazing formulation, and will not break the band. 


If you’re thinking about a two-step cleansing system, I love starting with DERMA E – Their Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil is awesome, and leaves your skin grime free and ready for anything – Night cream, a second cleanse, or purely gorgeous glowing skin. 


I’ve been a fan of Dr. Hauschka since they had a cult following in London eons ago. Their Clarifying Day Oil is perfect for anyone concerned with congested skin, and the scent is off the charts. 


inVitamin is reaching the state of cult following – Their Tooth and Gum Charcoal Powder is a great choice if you’re looking to whiten your smile! 


Andalou Naturals is leading the way in travel-ready beauty. Their Anti-Aging Face Cream Pod is any traveler’s best friend. Perfectly sized for a purse or carry-on, this pod has anti-aging down pat. No need to worry about checked baggage or face cream spilling all over your stuff! 


I’ve know the team at Mad Hippie for what feels like a lifetime. They’ve been on the scene as long as I have, and their perfect formulations are the proof in the pudding. Their Face Cream is light, airy, and perfect for every skin type! 


Boris Oak, the founder of EVOLVh, joined our beauty panel at the retreat, and he was so great. I love talking about haircare, and inevitably when it comes up, I’m singing EVOLVh’s praises. I love this line – it’s seriously effective and so awesome. Check out their Ultrashine Moisture Shampoo and their Ultrashine Moisture Conditioner. EVOLVh has a killer offer for you guys: Use the code GORGEOUSFORGOOD to get 20% off site wide! 


Clover & Bee has you covered when you’re ready to show off your gorgeous summer tan. Their Body Polish is gorgeous – I’m crushing on the Grapefruit & Jasmine scent! 


ULIV sent over their Golden Glow Facial Sufflé – which is so gorgeous you may just want to eat it!  


Hugo Saavedra, founder and formulator at Saavy Naturals, joined our skincare panel at Gorgeous For Good. Saavy Naturals products are good enough to eat, and I mean that seriously. Hugo and his wife Debra have a background in the restaurant industry, particularly in herb farming. When Hugo took Saavy on Shark Tank, the sharks ate their body care products – yes, they’re that good. And with a whole line of body care products, you really cannot go wrong with Saavy Naturals. I’m a new convert, but a convert for life!


The Skin Whisperer, aka Emily Fritchey from Sunshine Botanicals, was also at the event. You know I love Sunshine Botanicals, because their formulations are stellar and Emily’s products WORK. Our guests got to try the Total Eclipse BB Cream and the Rapid Repair Fluid at Emily’s table at the event! 

Protect your lips this summer with Desert Essence‘s Lip Rescue. This product is SPF 30 – perfect to protect your lovely lips for the harsh sun!


I’ve loved Honey Girl Organics for what feels like a lifetime. Their products are simply gorgeous, straight from Hawaii (alooooooha!), and really pack an anti-aging punch. Their Face & Eye Cream is top-shelf. Not only does it do the work of two products, it’s delicious for all skin types! 


A facial in a jar? YES PLEASE! Tammy Fender has you covered big time with their cult-status Epi Peel. A micro-exfoliator and mask all in one, this rosemary-spearmint wonder-product is quite simply, amazing.


To know me is to know and love Hynt Beauty. Hynt has some of the cleanest formulations available on the market today. Meryl, the President & CEO of Hynt, is a wonder woman, and her products match her amazing prowess! I’m majorly into the FORTE High Definition Eye Liner – It has just the right amount of control to let me experiment with a heavier eye look (something very new to me). And their Aria Pure Lipstick is perfection in a tube, with a full range of color options for every preference! 


It isn’t summer until you have a new lipstick (this is just a fact), and Honeybee Gardens has you (and your gorgeous lips) covered big time. Their Truly Natural Lipsticks are H-O-T, and ready for summer. I’m personally in love with Dream, but South Beach is a close second. These are gorgeous formulations – If you have a teen who’s ready to experiment with makeup, this would be an incredibly safe, fun option! 


And the amazing lip train just keeps on moving with Elevé Cosmetics, which shared their signature Lip Pop in Chicago  with our gift bag. If you’re looking for a lip stain, look no further than Elevé. And their Lip Pop and Lip Luv formulations look gorgeous on top of a stained or natural lip! Gertie Wilson, Elevé’s founder and creative director, has really created an iconic brand with Elevé. There’s always one in my purse, and I urge you to follow suit!


Looking for an eyeliner that lasts as long as you do? Go for Afterglow Cosmetics. Their Eye Pencils are stellar. Part of their Kristen Adam’s signature product collection, this formulation is off the charts: organic sesame seed oil, organic castor seed oil, and organic beeswax make the most dreamy, creamy liner. AND the pencil has a built-in sharpener to keep your lines perfectly drawn – YES PLEASE!


Kuumba Made was one of the first product lines I was introduced to while I was writing Gorgeously Green over 10 years ago. Their products are perfection. Do not miss their Perfume Oils, but obviously their entire line is stellar.


Alison, the founder of Bogavia, is my new #GirlCrush. She is the best ambassador for this totally innovative line of skin care products. I met her at Erewhon, and she is just amazing. My two favorite products are her Nourishing Facial Cleansing and Makeup Remover (which is so gentle and effective) and her Midnight Repair Oil, which now lives in my bedside table so my family won’t use it all up!


Tom’s of Maine staged a bathroom takeover at Gorgeous For Good, and also kitted out our attendees with some amazing selections from their line, including:

To see even more about Tom’s of Maine, check out my YouTube video: How to make your bathroom eco-friendly | Green living with Tom’s of Maine.


Allira Naturals is a new line to me, but I’m already obsessed. Allira means “daughter” in the language and the Australian aboriginal community, and this whole line is a love song to a gorgeous daughter. The founder of Allira Naturals created this line for her young daughter, who suffered from irritated skin and eczema. The whole line is organic, minimally processed, non-GMO, ECO-CERT and COSMOS standard approved ingredients in our gentle, healing formulas.
 I’m in love with the Replenishing Tee Angi Body Lotion and the Nun Yara Body Scrub. I’m always keeping both on hand in case of any irritation! 


Get your essential oil on with Aura Cacia. This is something I cannot leave home without, especially if I’m going to the gym or on a hike. With a full range of scents and therapies, their Roll-On essential oil  blends are killer, and perfect for any purse. This is a great sidekick if you have summer travel plans! 


I love a gorgeous bar of soap. It’s a small luxury, but to me it makes a huge difference. And right now I am gushing over Vervan. This gorgeous line includes many skin- and body care products, but their Rosemary and Peppermint Soap is in my guest bathroom right now, and I keep finding reasons to go in and lavish in this gorgeous product!


Wedderspoon‘s new Body Cream isn’t even on the market yet, but keep an eye on their social media platforms for the opportunity to try this “dream cream” when it comes out! 


I am obsessed with The Village Common – Ben and Blake are formulation geniuses. Not only are the candles to die for, but they have amazing fragrances that just knock my socks off. Their roll-on perfume is a mainstay in my purse for quick pick-me-ups on the go! 


Vita Coco is shaking up the summer hydration game with their new line of Sparkling Coconut Water. Move over, La Croix, there’s a new cult favorite in town. My favorite is the grapefruit flavor – So refreshing! Vita Coco has amazing coconut water products – They’re my go to! 


You know I’m a total Matcha Junkie, and Jade Leaf Matcha is the fix I’m looking for. Whether you want Culinary Grade Matcha for cooking projects, or Ceremonial Grade Matcha for Matcha Lattes, Jade Leaf has superior quality and is SUPER convenient! 


If you’re looking for the convenience of bagged tea with all the amazing health benefits, grab Harney & Sons. Our guests experienced Harney & Sons at our hydration stations, and it was a HUGE hit!


The amazing Ashley Borden came to Gorgeous For Good and taught us the miracle powers of foam rolling. Incline Fit has the PERFECT foam rollers – Extra firm, just the right size, and ready to help keep you limber and fit!


Get your accu-pressure on with Spoonk Space and their Organic Hemp – Travel Size mat. The pain is so good, and the effects are even better!

The stunning Leanne Jacobs spoke at Gorgeous For Good. Leanne is a godsend, not only is she a yoga instructor and fellow meditation-junkie, but she’s the author of Beautiful Money. Finance is the forgotten side of wellness, which is fascinating, because financial wellness has far-reading effects. If you have any interest in financial health, definitely check out this book. It’s now a mainstay on my bookshelf, and I cannot wait to reference it again and again! 


VegNews has topped my “plant-based” required reading list. I am loving the gorgeous photography and menu ideas – Seriously, if plant-based is your jam, you gotta subscribe to VegNews. 


If you’re curious about laser treatments for skin conditions, I cannot recommend Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald Dermatology more! Even if you’re out of LA, reach out to this incredible office to have all your questions answered! 


I am so excited that Kyolic joined our event. Kyolic has the most incredible line of superfood supplements, including Aged Garlic and Kyo-Greens. But perhaps the one I am most excited about is the Circumin supplement – Designed with turmeric to fight inflammation. This is a new go-to for me!


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Treat yourself to the Hello Gorgeous Retreat in October – Learn more here.


A HUGE thank you to Christine Burke (The Yoga Healer) and Liberation Yoga for their extremely generous contribution to the Gorgeous For Good gift bag. If you’re in the LA area, go check out Liberation. Their garden studio is one of my favorites in LA. And if you’ve ever considered becoming a yoga teacher, check out their teacher trainings – Registration is open know!

Are you a Thrive Market member yet? What are you waiting for! Thrive Market is like the Costco of wellness – Thousands of health and wellness products (on deep discount) delivered straight to your door in a fab teal box. Membership comes with a lot of perks – go check them out! 


Use the code SOPHIE25 to get 25% off all orders at 360 Cookware. Made in America with surgical grade materials, 360 Cookware is the real deal. I could not live without my 360 Cookware slowcooker, and their pots and pans are to die for! 


And finally, huge shout out to Ma Maison De Beauté who contributed gorgeous gift certificates to the gift bag. I’m in love with Ma Maison, it’s what I wish the inside of my head looked like – Chic, homey and beautiful.