Sugar Body Scrub by Kosmotology

Sugar Body Scrub by Kosmotology

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Ok, so we’re getting close to beach season. And I have to confess: I’m not worried about cellulite on my first trip to the beach this season – I’m worried about dry, flaky, wintery skin. Because after a full season of long pants and sweaters, my skin is looking pretty ragged. So, this year I’m reaching for my new favorite scrub: The Sugar Body Scrub by Kosmotology.

This scrub is everything – Incredible ingredients give you lasting results from a product you’ll use again and again. Each jar is make with organic, fair trade unrefined sugar and organic oils that leave your skin soft and glowing. Say goodbye to that weatherworn top layer – And hello to spring fresh skin that you’ll be glad to show off.

Here’s how I use it: Before I shower, I’ll sit on the edge of my tub and just dampen my skin. Then I take a big scoop of Sugar Body Scrub by Kosmotology and start scrubbing!! I’m targeting my whole leg (ankle to upper thigh) with circular motion scrubbing. When the grains are gone (they’ll dissolve as you scrub) then I’ll turn on the shower and complete my routine. When I’m out of the shower, I always follow-up with a moisturizer or oil to nourish that freshly revealed skin.

* I like to semi-dry scrub because the product just lasts longer with less water! Plus, it’s good for the environment to NOT leave that water running, right??

Sugar Body Scrubs by Kosmotology are preservative free, free of animal testing and contain no animal derived ingredients. They PETA certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan, and have a Leaping Bunny certification as well. Plus they come in three amazing scents: Botanical Bliss, Goody-Goody Grapefruit and Herbal Fresh. And they won a 2016 Gorgeously Green Beauty Award.