Moon Valley Organics

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I was utterly delighted to stumble across Moon Valley Organics at Expo West earlier this month. Perfect timing because I’ve had a bunch of questions about psoriasis and eczema, and this a is a line that treats all skin conditions holistically. They believe that there is not point applying herbal medicine to your skin, if you then wash with a harsh petrochemical soap. Further…no point slathering synthetically perfumed lotion on irritated skin PERIOD. So, if you happen to suffer from any kind of skin inflammation, and specifically from psoriasis or eczema, Moon Valley Organics would suggest that you bathe using their therapeutic soaps, apply their medicinal herbal balm (for your specific condition), and then use one of their exceptional moisturizing bars to seal in the medicine, and keep your skin beautifully hydrated. Makes perfect sense, right?

If you suffer from Psoriasis, check out their PsoriaSoothe Medicinal Balm.

If you suffer from Eczema, check out their EczaCalm Medicinal Balm.

And you seriously need to check out their Moon Melt Lotion Bars (regardless of your skin type) – they are outstanding, and a great product for travel because it’s basically a lotion in a bar. I’m taking two of them with me next week to Hawaii!

Moon Valley Organics are offering all my readers 10% off any product for a limited time only – YAY!!! Do take advantage and stock up. Just add the Promo Code: Sophie10 at checkout.