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cold-and-flu-bomb-kitYou know how obsessed I am with essential oils, right? I use them for everything including scenting my entire home because they make me feel so good. Anyway, I’m more than delighted to have discovered Spark Naturals Essential Oil Blends. Creating aromatherapy blends is something of an art, which these guys have got down. Not only are the blends that I have tried sublime (right now I’m diffusing the “Bliss” blend,) but they are also strong enough to scent an entire room, which can’t be said for bunches of commercial blends that are heavily diluted with a cheap base oil. With Spark Naturals, you get your money’s worth.

You might want to consider the Cold & Flu Bomb kit because I’m a big believer in these particular essential oil blends fighting of airbourne viruses.

I also highly recommend one of the Zaq diffusers, which give off a strong scent, and a light humidifying mist. I also love that it changes color, so is beautiful when you turn the lights off to take a little snooze.

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