Rose Rejuvenation Cream and Toner from Island Thyme

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So, I guess this goes without saying, but …. It’s winter. Which, in my case means two things: 1) I’m super excited for soups and stews. And 2) My skin is about to be in for a beating.

Even in sunny Los Angeles, I feel the pain of winter skin. Perhaps its a holdover from my days in England growing up, but the change in weather and the need for heated air = very unhappy Sophie skin.

So, the other day, I stood in front of my skincare cabinet, and desperately looked for products that has simple, nourishing, soothing ingredients. And miraculously, two stood out: A duo from a new company (to me): Island Thyme.

The set was their Rose Rejuvenation Cream and Toner. Not only are the ingredients stellar (we’re talking rose hydrosol, sweet almond oil, witch hazel distillate, rose hip seed extract … All things I used in my skincare DIYs), but the formulations are designed to really have an impact on your skin.

The face cream touts its antioxidant rich botanicals because the formulation uses both rose mosquito and sea buckthorn extracts (high in Vitamins A, C and E) which are great for removing free-radicals from the skin. The rose oils are wonderful for anti aging, and the combination of all ingredients results in a deeply soothing cream for your face. I’ve been using it as the finishing touch of my nighttime routine, and I love falling asleep with the smell of roses on my face.

The toner is simple, but effective. Here’s what I love, there are only three ingredients: Rose distillate water, witch hazel distillate water d organic aloe vera extract. Three ingredients I use all the time, but in a formulation that is SUPER affordable, and really potent. I’ve been using this toner as part of my morning skincare routine, and I have to admit I’ve been really impressed with the results. After a serum, this toner helps to balance my skin, without over drying.

And it gets even better. After trying and loving the products, I read the story of the company. Island Thyme has been making botanically-based skincare products for over 20 years. They have a farm and apothecary studio in the San Juan Islands in Washington State (a truly amazing place, if you have never been – Pacific Northwest magic is afoot on those islands). Reading Island Thyme’s formulation philosophy was like reading my own: A commitment to stellar ingredients, a passion for healing and ultimately sharing the results far and wide.

If you’re in need of some winter skin TLC, I cannot recommend this line enough. You can buy their products online, link below!