Organic Aromas Diffuser

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I have finally discovered the most gorgeous functions diffuser for essential oils, on the market. It is the Organic Aromas Diffuser, and it is simply perfect. It is a cold-air diffuser, which doesn’t use any water. Because of the cold air, the delicate essential oils are preserved, and evenly diffused into your room.

The design is gorgeous (I literally want one in every room right now!). The wooden base is hand-carved, and the custom-blown glass has a unique swirling design. It’s the only diffuser that my husband has ever liked the look of, because he’s not a huge fan of the white plastic ones. There are a few different designs to choose from, but my favorite is the Radiance. This is the one with the simple swirling design in the glass. You can either get a dark or light wood base. I like the dark base because it looks great sitting atop almost every surface in my home.

It is extremely energy-efficient, as it runs on a cycle of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. And then it automatically shuts off after 12o minutes, which is great because you can set it before you go to bed without worrying. You can also choose to switch on or off the LED rainbow light display.

I was particularly impressed with how easy it is to clean. The diffuser will arrive in a little velvet back with 2 long plastic droppers. All you need do to clean, is to drop a little rubbing alcohol into the glass bowl, and swirl it around. You can do the same with the top. This will completely remove any oil residue. You can then get it really shiny by carefully washing in hot soapy water (although this step is optional because the alcohol pretty much does the job). I love this because most diffusers are pretty tricky to clean.

I personally think it is worth every penny at $95.00 because it’s an investment in your home and your health. Unlike some of the cheaper, junky (made in China) nebulizers and diffusers on the market, the Organic Aromas diffuser is made to last.

BTW – I also love the Organic Aromas Essential Oil Blends, too. Well worth checking out:)